How to find Trullo San Paolo

The house doesn’t really have an address as it is down a dirt track off a more main road. The nearest landmark is Masseria Camarda. We are about 500m from their main entrance.

In order to get to the main entrance of the Masseria, take the main road from Ostuni to Ceglie Messapica (SP22) and about 5km after leaving Ostuni and about 1km before you reach Ceglie Messapica you will see a large sign for a restaurant called Antimo. Take the left turn here off the main road. Continue down a long lane and then follow the signs for Antimo and then signs for Masseria Camarda. It is well signposted and not difficult to find the entrance of the Masseria. Once at the entrance follow the below directions for getting to the house.

Once at the main entrance continue on the road for about 300m until you see a lovely stone wall and a turning to the left down a dirt track. This track weaves left, then right through some large reed type plants and then continues straight. On the below diagram the area in the yellow is land owned by the Masseria. Immediately to the right of this area is a straight road with a T junction at the end. At this T Junction turn left and our house is the entrance at the end (only around 40m from the junction).

We have a man on the ground who will meet you at the property and he is available for any questions you may have throughout the week.

The nearest airport is Brindisi (35km). You can also fly to Bari which is about 90km. From both airports you would drive to Ostuni and then follow signs for Ceglie Messapica. You will take the SP22 road.